We have been informed about Stephen Cuckoldsson’s case, young Swedish, who has broken up with his wife after she gave birth to black triplets.

One of our reporters has gone to Stockholm to get an interview with Stephen who has said this:

“I work in the chocolate industry at nights and my wife spends many time alone at home. Sometimes I called her by phone at midnight and she never answered, then she told me she was in the 12 church’s mass”.

“As I’m not a catholic never noticed that the 12 church’s mass is at 12:00 pm and not at midnight, then I understood that the 12 church’s mass she did it in our neighbor’s house Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, ex basketball player”.

“Now she says I should go to the psychologist because I’m going crazy and if the triplets are black it’s because I eat so much chocolate, maybe she is right”, affirmed Mr. Cuckoldsson while he was eating a chocolate tablet.